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Bren1 Record Clamp
Improve the sound of vinyl

Record Clamp

“Beautifully machined, an excellent affordable vinyl accessory"
David Price, Hi-Fi World Oct 2011

Well made - real craftsmanship !!!  Well made, striking, fast shipping, and it works wonderfully. Much better and less expensive than a plastic Mitchell clamp I was using. The unthreaded spindle hole will fit both my turntables, a VPI with threads and an old AR. Very easy to handle (sometimes my Mitchell would fall apart as it has two pieces that requires fumbling with).  This is a well made product that shows real craftsmanship. I recommend it!


VPI Scout owner,
After I get my camera going I will send you the picture.  I do like the clamp better than the one VPI sent with the turntable.  Much easier to use and sounds better.



Amazing Audiophile Addon - A must-have for the vinyl lover!,
This is a great product! I fired up my turntable tonight with the Bren1 clamp. I tried it playing the reissue of John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme". The increased depth of the sound was amazing and it was the best my Pro-Ject Debut III ever sounded.

Your clamp is a bit lighter in weight vs. I use, while it seems to give more clarity/definition in mid range. Also looks extremely good!!
Garrard Transcription & Thorens TD124  Owner
Hi Scott and gang,
Hey guess what? I just received it in the mail! Fits my old Thorens TD150 even with dust cover on. Put on an old record and yes, the improvements are quite immediately obvious!!! My old deck seemed to take on a new life especially in the lower registeres. Never knew there was so much hidden detail in them bass notes. Best bang for the buck upgrade for vinyl ever. And the sonic surprises keep coming as I write!!! 

An EXCELLENT product. This clamp is very very good. Machining quality is perfect and the metal is top notch. Weight is nicely balanced and not too heavy. Get one before it costs what it should - which is about double what it does now.


Great transaction. Fast communication, next day shipping; and excellent packing. Product is neat, well manufactured. A great milling work of art.

Hello, Scott.
Yesterday I received the Bren1, and I am really impressed both by fast shipment and sound improvement. This very good looking thing of yours has actually now postponed my plans regarding 'a planned change' of my TT. The Bren1 actually gave my good, old Thorens TD166 another new life. Bren1 is awesome, in all aspects!

Bren 1 record clamp arrived quickly and was as advertised well made nice weight replaced a Mitchell clamp that i have used for years, very satisfied.

Aloha Scott,
Got the Bren1 today, using it now as a matter of fact. I'm impressed! Stabilizes the record and has reduced the rumble of the disc. I'll pass the word around to the vinyl junkies on the audio boards I frequent. Much cheaper alternative to the Sota Reflex Clamp


I have been spending time with your product and I have to say i am very pleased.
The Music Hall MMF 5 is a very good product for anyone interested in getting back into vinyl, but the table has its inherent problems.
The supplied threaded clamp, though a great accessory for a turntable at this price point, has its engineering flaws.Due to its concave design (which only makes contact with the record surface at a specific pointed diameter a few inches into the vinyl) applying pressure causes the album to lift at the edges. Unless, of course, all you vinyl is perfect (ha,ha,ha).
Also the amount of pressure is depended upon how much you crank down on the clamp, making consistency virtually impossible. I have considered adapting a torque wrench to fit the threaded clamp for precise measurement in order to achieve specific weight, but this kind of thinking reminds me just how sick I am.
The bren1 has mellowed out the harshness at the top end, clarified the mid tones (words are more legible), and tightened up the bass.
Recordings with limited engineering are now palpable, and the ones done right are pure pleasure. For the MMF 5 (a table with limited upgrade ability) this product fits the bill.
A definite upgrade.

Perfect transaction! Fast & friendly communications and same day shipping. Clamp fits my Rega P2 and P3-24 tables perfectly :)

I own a Michell Reference Hydraulic turntable with an acrylic platter. The Michell record clamp does not fit my turntable so had been looking for a good alternative. Now that the Bren1 clamp is available in gold it is ideal for my needs - matching the platter supports. The clamp itself is very nicely engineered, and a good weight - though not too heavy. Easy to fit to the spindle with its recessed edges. Soundwise it certainly impresses - bass is deeper and tighter, and the top end sparkles that bit more as well. I didn't think a clamp would really make that much difference but I was wrong - I would highly recommend this clamp.



Dear Scott 
Just wanted to say Vida IC is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
So glad that I listened to you. no return is needed my friend, I've been listening for 4 hours already and let me just tell you I'm in heaven!!! I never knew good quality IC can make such a huge change & improvement on sound.
You rock Scott.   Keep up great work & thank you so so so much!!! 
Woo from Los Angeles

The Gila's contribution to high-resolution is even more evident. The test subjects vary from pro (acoustic/not deaf) musician friends, neophyte melomaniacs and plain crazy hard core audiophiles who listen to cables and not music. My CD player is no slouch, It is, by specs if not by price, very good. The rest of my rig is at that level, the speakers and their placement has been depicted by two connoisseurs as "balanced". A friend said that digital is like a stream and LP like a river in flood,  he said that with the Gila getti'n the job done....I cannot think of a better statement about the issue...thanx Scott, best wishes!

Superb craftsmanship! Excellent service! Thanks!!!


Interconnect made HUGE improvement in sound of system!! great product!!! THANKS! 

“Great bass. Tested them with Perfect Circle, Black Sabbath and then for something completely different played Vaughan Williams' Lark Ascending - one of my favourite classical pieces. Even after a couple of hours these cables may sound sweeter and smoother. Particularly with the lead violin in Lark Ascending there is a faint vibrato on the strings that I hadn't noticed before. Need to listen to the Siltech again else it gets difficult to recall each cables characteristics. “  (note from Scott: Kugaloo custom made speaker cable)

Well-crafted and beautiful custom cables - good communication ++++

Gila IC interconnects sounding sweet with Denon dl103r and Cinemags SUT. No hum. Beautiful sound coming out of the k horns. Recommended product and service.

Yesterday, I received and connected two sets of Vida IC, phono preamp to preamp and preamp to power amp. My old interconnects were AQ.  I have been so pleased with the improvement in the sound of my system that the Bren1 created, I have had the clamp for months, that when Scott introduced the Vida, I needed to give them a try. The difference is significant. The clarity of the sound, the depth, the various inflections of the human voice now have a presence that did not exist before. When the cables were delivered, my wife asked what they were, I explained things and told her that I was going to sit down,audition the cables, and see if I could hear a difference. About 15 minutes later she came back into the room, sat down for about 10 minutes, and then, with out any prompting from me, said "everything does sound a lot better." My only regret is, that when I ordered the Vidas, I didn't order a third set to hook up the CD player. I am going to contact Scott and fix that mistake right now.


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