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Bren1 Record Clamp
Improve the sound of vinyl

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Will the Bren1 record clamp fit my turntable  spindle?
Yes,  it is unthreaded universal fit
If you find most records fit tightly on the spindle let us know when ordering, we stock clamps with a spindle diameter custom honed a few thousandths of an inch larger than standard.
Will Bren1 record clamp work on suspension turntables?
 Yes, the Bren1 will.  It was designed to be light enough not to adversely affect suspension. “Bigger and heavier certainly isn’t better. The Bren 1 was designed to be “optimally dense” – that is: light enough to avoid disturbing suspension and heavy enough to effect noticeable audio improvement on any turntable. ‘

Will the Bren1 record clamp damage bearings?
  No,  this is a myth, Our clamps weigh under a pound. Many platters weigh dozens of pounds and lighter cast aluminum platters only benefit from the added mass. We occasionally mod vintage turntables some 30+ years old and frankly seldom ever find a bad bearing.

Will the Bren1 record clamp damage my motor?
 No.. you should always help the platter at start up. For example a Nottingham was designed with a small motor but has a heavy platter. I also have an AR-XA, it has a small motor but a light platter and the extra mass helps. I simply give it a little push at start up.  
 Will I be able to close my dustcover while using your clamp?

The Bren1 Record Clamp is 1.50" (38.1mm) in height.   
Note: A dustcover degrades sound in the down or up position when spinning vinyl. The dust cover acts like a microphone and passes any unwanted air vibration, for instance (Music from speakers) to the  needle, the cantilever and the cartridge, causing acoustic feedback and a lot of other terrific side-effects :-)  If you were to take off the dustcover and and don’t have a spare mat try cutting a piece of card board the size of mat to keep dust off the mat when not in use.

I don't have a Paypal account, how can I pay with a credit card?
You can use your credit card to purchase our products without having a Paypal account.  We use Paypal because they have a secure site and we never see your credit card number.
Here's how:
1)  Go to your shopping cart.
2)  Click either checkout or Paypal logo they both redirect you to Paypals secure site.
3)  Your order summary  will be on left side of page , in the lower middle of the page click on     “Don’t have a Paypal account?” you may pay as a guest.
4)  Next page you can choose and enter your card information





Simple tips that won't cost anything.

  • Level your means of support then plinth. (you knew that)! Plinth (not adjustable?)Use bags of sand with pieces of ceramic tile on top. Suspension style tables level the platter last.

  • Remove your dustcover during play. Want to leave it off? cut out a piece of cardboard the size of the mat and use it as a mat cover to keep off dust or cover it with cloth when not in use.

  • Position your TT so that the tonearm is as far away as possible from another component, this may eliminate that mysterious hum.

  • Stylus alignment: you can use a graph for overhang,(install link),  investigate VTA adjustment.

  • Power: Make sure your equipment isn't on a circuit with a florescent light, a light with a dimmer or appliances. Try to only use one circuit. Avoid plugging component power in series "daisy chain" but if you have to, start with the highest watt component first and work down. 

  • Try not to cross your cables and interconnects.

  • Don't have terminations on your speaker cables? Try "tinning" it's simply putting a bit of solder on on the ends 

  • Clean those records! (a drop) of mild soap & distilled h2o & rinse w/distilled h2o. If you have a small garment steamer use distilled water and hold about four inches from record surface. Let dry at least 15 minutes before playing. Ok so there are other methods but this is no cost.

  • Speaker placement: Rule of thumb six feet center to center.

  • Give vinyl a rest: avoid repeatedly playing the same side or track. How much PSI does a stylus applies to the groove? Using a Goldring 1042 cartridge, the stylus an (s) class is 6x40 um. and tone arm tracking force weight will be 1.75g.
    Answer:  Stylus PSI is 10,371 lbs. in/2

    Audiophile who has done it all? Disconnect your interconnects and cables (not your power cables) to let them drain, you'll notice an improvement until they get loaded up again.


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