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Bren1 Record Clamp
Improve the sound of vinyl

Hello audio enthusiast,
Here are the results of our January 2012 photo contest.  Taylor Bren pulled the winners from a hat and they will receive
these products shipped free. Thanks to everyone for sending in their enties.
At the bottom of the page please see our handmade Twilight speaker cable special.

  1st place:  Mark Cole, Ball Pass, New Zealand
Bren1 Twilight speaker cable
2nd place: Chris Hong, Sri Hartamas, Malaysia
Bren1 Gila interconnect cable
3rd place: Polo Chavez, San Diego, California  
Digital scale with
tonearm hanger
4th place: Joe Green- York, England                   
Bren1 T-shirt..
sPiN tHe bLaCk CiRcLe
5th place: Ken Sheldon, Nashville, Tennessee  
Bren1 Stylus cleaning kit
6th place: Obuy Ogilvie, Oundle, England          
Cross check level


Previous Contest

Contest # 2 2010 Answer and Winners
Using a Goldring 1042 cartridge, the stylus an (s) class is 6x40 um. and tone arm tracking force weight will be 1.75g.

Answer:  Stylus PSI is 10,371 lbs. in/2

1st place - Bren1 record clampKyungsuk Jeon, South Korea

2nd place - Bren1 dry system stylus cleaner. Hal Davis, USA

3rd place – a handy cross test level.  Graham Craig, Australia 

Radiohead-All - High Quality Stream  

Carson Sings the Blues







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